Fairy Sword Ancient Sword Tongren _ Looking back a hundred years ago<br><br> "Huh" I looked at the child in my arms His eyes which were more <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com/">metal racking systems</a> beautiful than the black stone looked at me motionless I found that I looked at him with a big smile without hesitation I couldn't help holding my forehead God I really can't take care of children!!! Who can help me In a hurry to coax little Ziying I wish I could grow a few more hands The Cangwu demon who had recovered as usual leaned against the door with an expression of watching a good show I was very depressed and I couldn't shout at Cangwu for fear of scaring little Ziying He could only speak in a low voice "Martial Uncle can you take care of the child" "Do you think I look like a person who can take care of children" Cang Wu narrowed his eyes So what to do I almost mad the little fox non-snow gently jumped onto the desk with the tip of the tail dipped in a little ink wrote on the white paper I will! "Really" I hurried over "then you see what happened to him" Don't worry but if you are hungry feed some rice porridge first The handwriting of the flying snow is unexpectedly <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com/">automated warehouse systems</a> vigorous and powerful Carefully to the small Ziying fed rice porridge the little guy lay safely in bed blowing bubbles I was tossing a sweat all out Cang Wu raised his lips and said "What about the Qionghua Sect" You're not going back "I don't care I'm so busy!"! It seems that it will take at least five or six years to take little <br><br> Ziying up the mountain I don't care about these five or six years! "All right I'll say it for you" Cang Wu turned and left Uncle where are you going Cang Wu turned around and gave me a beautiful smile "I'm looking for a waiter Do you want to go with me" O__O"… I can't remember who said that sometimes one of your decisions often affects your whole life Now I regret staying in Fengqi Bank to take care of little Ziying The small one is not easy and the big one is more troublesome! Ziying is very clingy and especially likes to stick to me When I was three years old I gave him a bath and let him lie on the bed I went out to wash myself When I came back I heard Cang Wu and Xiao Ziying talking outside the door Xiao Ziying asked Cang Wu with a smile "Uncle do you smell the fragrance of Ziying" "Hum ~" Cang Wu's tone is obviously not good "It stinks What are you doing" "Liar it smells good!" "It stinks! It stinks!" Little Ziying cried "Wow!" "You're lying!"! What should I do Ziying is smelly Master won't like it Master won't want Ziying! Purr I held my forehead outside the door and kicked open the gate "Don't listen to your uncle's nonsense Master won't give up Ziying!" Little Ziying threw herself directly into my arms and snuffled her nose I gave Cang Wu a vicious look and the other party gave me an indifferent shrug and walked out of the door Convex! When Ziying was four years old the Qionghua Sect did not miss any opportunity to squeeze the labor force and often a pile of information and documents were brought to Fengqi Bank by the disciples who went down the mountain I grabbed Cangwu's study directly and the whole room was full of scrolls of books and paper I was afraid that little Ziying would trip over and told him not to come in when <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com/">push back racking system</a> I was working in the study and then the following happened <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com">industrial racking systems</a> There was a clear dividing line between the study and the outside and little Ziying did not dare to step in there He dawdled outside for a while then poked his head out timidly His big watery eyes flickered at me "Master what are you doing" "I'm on business" "Oh ~" He ran away quickly and came back after a while holding a bamboo ball I made for him in his hand and patting it outside the door The exquisite ball inevitably rolled into the study Little Ziying asked me carefully "Master the ball has fallen in" "Mmm" "Can Ziying come in and pick it up" "Come in" He rushed in to pick up the ball and walked over to me "Master what are you doing" "You have something to do Go out first" He said "Oh" and walked out slowly<br><br> I rubbed my temples and got up to close the door gently It was terrible Little Ziying pushed the door and found that she couldn't open it She cried loudly outside the door "What should I do" Master closed the door whoo ~ ~~~~(>_<)~~~~ I had a headache and cut off the brush in my hand so I had to go out to play with him What You asked me if the official document had been approved Ah it's like most of it ended up being paper airplanes paper cranes paper frogs or something ╮(╯_╰)╭ The so-called savages in the text I had a headache and cut off the brush in my hand so I had to go out to play with him What You asked me if the official document had been approved Ah that thing is the most It seems that most of them have turned into paper airplanes paper cranes paper frogs and so on ╮(╯_╰)╭ When little Ziying was six years old the old man Zong Lian sent an urgent letter to the effect that he was old and I was the only disciple who entered the room He hoped that I would come back to take over his position as the Sword Elder In fact I was not interested in that broken seat at all but Cang Wu's words woke me up Little Ziying was my <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com/asrs/asrs-warehouse.html">asrs warehouse</a> disciple and would return to Qionghua School with me sooner or later If I can't occupy a pivotal position in the Qionghua School with the current situation of the Qionghua School it will be very troublesome in the future I can be indifferent to my own situation but I can't tolerate the people I care about to be wronged a little bit and protect their shortcomings to death Besides I know very well that the Qionghua Sect has never made trouble for me all these years because Uncle Cangwu is pressing me there People can be self-willed for a while but can not be self-willed for a lifetime always learn to grow up Finally he promised Zong Lian and returned to Qionghua School in a few days But before that I still want to go to Qingluan Peak first after all I haven't contacted Yuntianqing for several years Before going out little Ziying pulled my sleeve and wouldn't let me go I patted him on the head helplessly and said "Be good Master will go out for a while and come back soon" Can I bring you a string of ice-sugar gourd when I come back "Not good!" He instantly bulged his steamed bun face "not good at all!" "Those two strings" Come back and make osmanthus cake for you "No no!" "Three strings of ice-sugar gourd come back to make sweet osmanthus cake and white fungus and candied jujube porridge" "No!" "What do you say" 。 <a href="https://www.kingmoreracking.com">kingmoreracking.com</a>