Ear piercing<br><br> Chen Ye lit another cigarette the mouse in his hand kept clicking on the design interface "Do you think she can pass every exam like that The paper is written like that I don't know how much water there is behind it Last time when she started her paper she told me that the dean of the department wanted to discuss it with her personally I wonder if her tutor is Wang yuanyuan Why don't you take care of her paper" Lu Xuan tutted "I only knew she was in a mess but I didn't think she was in a mess" I smiled "Oh the topic is too heavy change one change one!" Chen Ye with a cigarette in his mouth chuckled "Stop water sometimes I feel that you are like a child who has not grown up You can't accept this <a href="">Magnesium Oxide MgO</a> topic How can you face the reality" "I have a good life now using UG CATIA doing projects muddling funds earning extra money not thinking about anything not thinking about anything" It's good People who study engineering should live as simply as possible otherwise they will get old before their time Miss Lu Xuan is very extravagant She is watching a movie with a notebook on her lap and is processing images I leaned over to watch and it turned out to be "First Snow Love" Japanese and Korean stars Lee Jun-ki and Miyazaki Aoi-the boy fell down in a mess and entered a shrine by mistake The girl's bright eyes white dress and red skirt the dress of a witch just a smile made the boy lose his mind I couldn't help giggling Lu Xuan stared at me "What are you laughing at" I pointed to the screen "This movie I know the ending after watching the beginning beautiful and small white" She angrily patted the keyboard of the notebook "Stop talking I will throw you out oh help me to see <a href="">Magnesium Oxide powder</a> how to do this" I took it over and said "When did you take this job" She spread out her hands "I'm surprised <br><br> This is an outdoor advertisement Can it be hung up like this now" I glanced at her "I seriously doubt how you graduated Outdoor advertising uses PhotoShop Now you use CorelDraw to export to JPG format Outdoor advertising is just a matter of resolution I have done 5 meters by 50 meters set it to 10 and then divide the picture into more than a dozen pieces and finally paste it together" Chen Ye interrupted "Zhishui is right I had an internship in an advertising company that's it" Lu Xuan said "Oh" and turned to watch the movie Chen Ye was curious "Jiang Zhishui when you were in college you didn't study art design How could you go to mechanical design" I stared at her seriously and asked "Do you want to know" Do you really want to know Chen Ye nodded and looked at me expectantly "Of course I don't want to ask you what to do" I smiled slyly "If you want to know I won't tell you You're so curious!" "***!"! The cigarette butt in her hand was thrown straight over and I easily blocked it with a 12-inch notebook <a href="">Magnesium Sulphate producer</a> The smell of mint and tobacco came to my nose which was very familiar It's feminine It's nostalgic I like it After watching the movie we both had tears in our eyes Lu Xuan wiped his tears and sighed "Fortunately they didn't miss it in the end otherwise I would be sad to death" I also wiped my tears "My eyes are so sore I'm not used to looking at your screen It's too bright It takes a long time to find a scale" She was depressed "I thought you were crying with <a href="">Magnesium Oxide price</a> me but it turned out to be a pain in your eyes Forget it Let's go out for a walk and have supper It's my treat" I thought for a moment "There is a Cantonese snack shop in Nanxiu Village Nantah" She picked up her wallet and looked at me suspiciously "I don't miss home here You miss the snacks in Guangzhou" I "Hei Hei" laugh "people are like this like nostalgia for example I now miss the art design major now there is a small idea in the bud make a professional application to your department" Lu Xuan pinched me and his men showed no mercy "Don't come over and don't rob me of my job" I was pinched by her crying pain thinking I'm just joking since I've been desperate to go to the machinery there is no way back<br><br> I never regret the decisions I make not before not now and not in the future At the beginning of the lantern passing through the campus of Nantah I saw not many pedestrians coming and going Lu Xuan looked around and finally sighed disappointedly "I thought Nantah was at least a little handsome How could I not see one for a long time It's not as good as our school!" I curled my lips "Why I hope the handsome guy will take the initiative to chat with you You are so beautiful!" "I was deceived!" Lu Xuan immediately put on the expression of a resentful woman "When I was a junior I chatted with a graduate student of Nantah He said to me 'Beauty why don't you have a boyfriend now If you come to our school there will be people chatting with you on foot How can you worry about finding a boyfriend" If you don't marry in the Spring Festival this year you will marry Lord Nan! ' You said I didn't hold it so I ran to Nanjing with you <a href="">caustic calcined magnesite</a> Now I see that it's all a fool! I am noncommittal "I did not say that Nanjing is handsome handsome is not married is not grown up you have two choices one is to be a mistress the other is to be a royal sister!" She laughed "also said me you did not look for it saying that you and what Tang Junran finally how" Suddenly speechless the heart can not say a burst of hair block "I and he are like this nothing!" She looked at me suspiciously and said nothing more Walking through the back door of the school I suddenly remembered that I had left some books there when I went to the college yesterday I said hello to Lu Xuan and went to the College of Mechanical Engineering September is still very hot Most of the buildings in Dongda are Western-style with green bricks and red paint which has a sense of history The autumn wind brings a faint fragrance of osmanthus Looking ahead the buds of several osmanthus trees have not yet formed The green branches and leaves seem to be accumulating waiting for the late autumn to blossom The bulletin board in the corridor of the college has not been changed for a long time and the good news of two years ago is still posted "Sun Meijie a 05 undergraduate majoring in mechanical design won the first prize in the Third National Mechanical Innovation Design Competition" 。 <a href=""></a>