How a bad guy is made II<br><br> With a cry of surprise Nishiwaki and Mei clasped their hands on their chests and the man squatted down No matter how tough she is after all she is a woman and when she appears naked in front of a man she will still panic She crouched on the ground about to shrink into a ball her expression flustered but when she saw the smile on Xie Wendong's face her eyes immediately flashed again She screamed "Xie Wendong you big bastard bullying a woman what is the ability" "It seems that you still don't see your condition clearly!" Xie Wendong nodded to the water mirror with a smile and the latter reached out again to grab the bra of Xiwei and Mei Xiwei and Mei exclaimed and dodged again and again but she had her hands on her shoulders and her body was squatting so there was no water mirror In a twinkling of an eye her bra was torn open and there was nothing to hide except her underwear Nishiwaki Kazumi was born with a <a href="https://www.jracking.com/showroom/300kg-loading-heavy-duty-warehouse-storage-metal-rack.html">heavy duty metal racks</a>noble family background He was the heir of the Nishiwaki Group He grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth When did he ever suffer such humiliation and grievance She shrank to the corner first looked at the water mirror in panic then looked at Xie Wendong her eyes were red and she burst into tears Xie Wendong said "I ask you for the last time how did the Yamaguchi-gumi control my way" I I do not know Kazumi Nishiwaki sobbed I do not know Xie Wendong asked suspiciously "Your status in the Yamaguchi-gumi should not be low right" Just the fact that she can command so many killers is enough to prove her position in the Yamaguchi-gumi I'm just following the orders of the group leader <br><br> As for other things I don't know anything Nishiwaki and Mei wiped the tears from their cheeks and sobbed in a low voice Xie Wendong holds his chin and stares at Xiwei and Mei looking at her expression and eyes not like lying what should he do with her "In that case you are of no use to me" he muttered thoughtfully Xi Wei and Mei were so frightened that they shivered and tried to stand up As soon as they moved they suddenly remembered that they were still half-naked "Men who kill women are not heroes" she said hurriedly Xie Wendong sneered shrugged his shoulders and said "I am not a hero" With these words she put her hands behind her back and walked slowly to the west side and the United States Watching him <a href="https://www.jracking.com/push-back-rack/adjustable-push-back-racks.html">push back racking system</a> come step by step with a terrible smile on her face she shivered and felt a chill in her heart Through a short period of contact with him Xiwei and the United States realized that Xie Wendong <a href="https://www.jracking.com/showroom/300kg-loading-heavy-duty-warehouse-storage-metal-rack.html">warehouse storage racks</a> was not close to women but also deep scheming everything would be done to himself She wanted to retreat but the thick wall behind her made her retreat She asked in a trembling voice "Xie Wendong you" What are you going to do "Put it on!" Xie Wendong stretched out his hand behind his back holding Peng Ling's clothes in his hand threw them at Xiwei and Mei and then turned around and walked out of the villa The Five Elements Brothers also withdrew from the room Before Muzi went out he reminded him with a smile "Wear your clothes well and don't get dirty They are all famous brands!" Xiwei and Mei ignored him did not even hear what he was saying held his clothes in his arms looked at the direction of Xie Wendong's disappearance at the door <a href="https://www.jracking.com">industrial racking systems</a> and was in a daze Goldeneye walked behind Xie Wendong and asked "Brother Dong what have you decided to do with her" Xie Wendong sighed shook his head and said "I haven't thought clearly now Let's talk about it after the New Year" During the Spring Festival Xie Wendong was very busy First Jin Rong went to Jile Island The little girl has such charm that wherever she goes she will bring laughter Her arrival made Jile Island which had been relatively calm much happier On the day of her arrival she pestered Xie Wendong to take her to <a href="https://www.jracking.com/pallet-rack/warehousing-storage-solutions.html">warehousing storage solutions</a> sea to play The latter could not resist her soft grinding hard bubble finally nodded agreed originally Xie Wendong wanted to take Peng Ling to go together but she refused Peng Ling is a rational woman know Xie Wendong is a person who does not like to be bound if you just tie yourself and him together all day it will only backfire Hearing that Peng Ling would not go Jin Rong made no secret of her joy With a cry of joy she ran back to the room Xie Wendong had arranged for her and went to get her swimsuit There is a yacht on Jile Island but it is not big It was purchased by Xie Wendong locally<br><br> Located north of Australia and south of Indonesia Kile Island has a tropical climate beautiful scenery and many islands but most of them are undeveloped desert islands Since Xie Wendong bought Jile Island he often went out to explore and hunt and built small wooden docks on nearby desert islands Xie Wendong accompanied Jin Rong to sea with only five brothers and a helmsman Cruise ship in the sea the sea is green and blue changing looking out the sky is blue cloudless and the deep blue water is connected Holding the railing Jin Rong stood at the bow of the boat enjoying the warm ocean of sunshine on her body feeling the coolness of the sea breeze looking for Xie Wendong's figure Xie Wendong was lying on the deck chair his face full of pleasure and he was resting with his eyes closed Jin Rong bit rolled her eyes ran back to the cabin of the yacht took off her coat only the swimsuit inside and ran out quickly at the same time holding a small bag in her hand She climbed on the recliner beside Xie Wendong and waited for a while She pretended to be dissatisfied and said "Big brother it's so hot The sun is shining and baking" Hearing this Xie Wendong opened his eyes and saw that Jin Rong was only wearing a swimsuit He couldn't help but look twice more Jin Rong is eighteen years old and after the New Year she will be nineteen She has become a slim and graceful girl but Xie Wendong has never noticed it Now she is wearing a swimsuit revealing her petite well-proportioned but concave and convex figure Xie Wendong secretly sighed time flies time flies a few years have passed in a flash which thin and naughty little girl has unconsciously turned into a lovely and charming girl Seeing Xie Wendong's expression in a daze Jin Rong snickered in her heart but did not dare to show it on her face and her little face turned red She deliberately turned around let oneself'proud 'figure in front of Xie Wendong to show more the heart is still proud to hum I do not believe I can not compare with sister Ling! Xie Wendong saw that she was proud but did not know what she was proud of Shaking his head he pushed the sun umbrella between the two reclining chairs to Jinrong and said "That's all right!" With that he closed his eyes again <a href="https://www.jracking.com">jracking.com</a>