Kan Lin had only one boy to serve him, and he was very quiet. After the boy had served the spirit tea, he retreated. The two of them sat down and exchanged a few pleasantries. Qi Xiu spoke out his difficulties. …… Now the land and fields have all been shoveled away by the Wei family, and even the roots are not left. Although we were born in Taoism, we have not lived on these for many years, and have long abandoned our art industry. I'm not familiar with the geography and scenery of Baishan. Kan Shi is well-informed. Please give me some advice. Chu and Qin will enjoy it endlessly. "That's not difficult," said Kan Lin with a smile. "My Baishan is different from your northern Xinjiang." The monks of Baishan all called the north of the death swamp the northern frontier, which is just the opposite of the southward migration of Chu and Qin. Because there are a lot of casual practices, you can hire others to help you complete many common affairs, such as planting and other common affairs. There are special spiritual planting monks. You can hire them in the city of Qi Fu. The price is more expensive, but as long as you take pictures in the alliance of Qi Fu, your reputation is guaranteed. "Is there such a person?" This is the first time that Qi Xiu has heard of a monk living on this kind of livelihood. Isn't it similar to the masons and carpenters who work everywhere? "Of course, it's not just about planting. If you want to start a clan and build a mansion, you have a monk to build. If you have all the alchemy materials, but don't want to be exploited by those big shops, you have a monk to make alchemy. Even for people like me, I have the name of a monk who watches fate in the Qi Fu Meng. Occasionally, I can also receive some help to watch the affairs of my life. It's a way to support my family through casual cultivation in the White Mountain." Qi Xiuxin said that this was easy to handle. It was about Hua Lingshi. He was overjoyed and asked, "I don't know how much it costs to hire a Lingzhi friar." < a href = > The latest chapter of Master Road of Xiuzhen School was first published by Chuangshi Chinese website,<a href="">CSD filling line</a>, the first place of the latest, most popular and fastest online novel! (This site provides two modes: traditional page turning and waterfall reading, which can be selected in the settings) </a > Chapter 88 Huang Shaoneng talks about farming. Creation Updated 2014-07-03 18:00: 00.0 Words: 2675 From Kan Lin here and learned a lot, leave out, Qi Xiu hurried to the city of Qi Fu, spring is coming, sowing is imminent,<a href="">water filling machine</a>, the land can wait for no one. Qi Fu Meng has a special building to manage the monks who make a living. In the hall, except for a few Zhike followers, there are large wooden signs on which the information of employment and employment is displayed at a glance. According to Kan Lin's instructions, Qi Xiu handed over the conditions and employment needs of Xianlin Ao to a knowledgeable guest, paid a little deposit and intermediary commission, and watched him hang up the information, even if it was done, just waiting for someone to apply. While waiting, Qi Xiu browsed around the hall. There were all kinds of contents on the wooden sign. Helping people plant spiritual land was the most common kind of employment, as well as refining utensils, alchemy, breeding and so on. One of the characteristics of this kind of employment is that it is cheap. Qi practitioners can't earn a third-order spirit stone even if they are employed for a year. No wonder Yu Denuo and Bai Muhan, who have no skills, live so hard in Baishan. There are also some hires, <a href="">water bottling line</a> ,<a href="">Vegetable oil filling machine</a>, which are very strange, such as those who need to fetch a kind of poisonous petals from a certain place, those who ask for help to explore unknown caves, and those who ask for help in boxing. These messages are written in a very vague way, and there are many secret words between the lines that outsiders can only see roughly. 'When My daughter gets married, I'd like to invite the ancestor who built the foundation to be present to add glory. The price is negotiable. ' Qi Xiu saw this one, burst out laughing, this white mountain, is really interesting, even the predecessors can be hired to fill the scene. Brother Qi, the man you're looking for is here. Zhike brought a man behind him, Qi Xiu turned around and almost laughed again, although he was a spiritual monk, but he didn't really have to dress up as an old farmer, did he? The other side was about sixty years old, dressed in kudzu bunts, really dressed like those ordinary old farmers, a pair of big hands with huge calluses, a look is to serve the land for years. Although the dress is a little strange, but looks very honest, Qi Xiu also feel satisfied, the two agreed on the price, the other party employed in Xianlin Ao for one year, Chu Qinmen will have to pay him a [Zhuji Dan]. The old man's surname is Huang, and his given name is Shao Neng. He practiced Qi in the later period. Because he is an intermediate Lingzhi monk who took a photo in the amulet alliance, the price is much more expensive. The price of Zhuji Dan in Baishan is more valuable than Qiyun, about 120 second-order Lingshi. But he can not only serve Lingtian Lingdi, but also look at Qi Yun and decide what to plant, which is the talent that Qi Xiu urgently needs. As soon as old man Huang arrived at Xianlin'ao, he saw the scattered Linghua Lingcao shoveled by the Wei family. He was filled with grief and indignation. It seemed that he was the master of this place. This place has been destroyed, but the roots of Lingcao are still left underground and have not completely lost their vitality, which will greatly hinder the replanting of Lingcao. It is necessary to turn over the whole ground before planting in spring. It's better to have a monk with earthy spiritual roots. I'll pass him a method of turning over the earth. It's the best way to turn over the earth with magic. When Qi Xiu heard what he said, he brought in Zhang Shishi and Yu Jing. Both of them had earth spirit roots. Old man Huang really passed on a set of methods of ploughing the ground. It was not difficult to learn. It took them an hour to master them skillfully and they began to work in the fields. First of all, let's talk about the spirit field of this order. You are using the method of inducing air. The artificial spirit field of the first order is worse than the natural one. You can only plant some low-order spirit grass. I wonder what you prefer to plant, Headmaster Qi? Old man Huang saw that Zhang and Yu had done a good job. He was relieved and went with Qi Xiu to the first step of Lingtian. What was originally planted here will continue to be planted. Is there anything else to be particular about? Qi Xiu suspected. Old man Huang had just arrived and wanted to show off, so he naturally disagreed with Qi Xiu's statement. Headmaster Qi doesn't know that the original master here doesn't know the business. If you plant the previous Linggu on the sunny slope, it looks like it will grow well, but it only grows branches and leaves, and the grain is short. In a year, I earned less than five third-order coins, and I suffered a lot. Qi Xiu listened to his words, the heart said that such a large piece of first order Lingtian, a year to receive less than five third order,<a href="">Blowing Filling Capping combiblock</a>, not as good as the income of raising pigs and fish in the broken swamp of the Heihe River, although the pigs and fish are completely taken care of by Zhao Liangde, but this is too little. Quickly put down his posture and sincerely ask old man Huang for advice. Uh 。 <a href=""></a>