This colic is not for himself, but for the sound. His heart is very bitter, in the end or to be expelled from school, Yin Er, I am sorry for you. Li Taihang's heart is painful, but his expression is very calm, and he can't see whether he is happy or sad. But what kind of person is Yi Renfei? He read a lot of information from Li Taihang's eyes. At that moment, he narrowed his eyes and said with a strong smile on his face: "You don't have to say it. I know how you will answer. With your character, even if you have an opinion, you won't say it to us." Li Taihang's thoughts were pulled back by Yi Renfei. He sighed slightly and suppressed the chaos in his heart. He freely folded his fists at Yi Renfei and said, "Thank you for your love over the years. Li Taihang is incompetent and unable to repay your care." With that, Li Taihang turned and was about to climb down from the mecha. Looking at Li Taihang to do things decisively, not sloppy, Yi Renfei can not help but raise eyebrows. Isn't this little guy's brain a little too dead? Didn't he hear the clue from his own words? He shook his head and stopped smiling. Then his face became serious and he said to Li Taihang, "Li Taihang, wait a minute." Li Taihang just fell down a foot, heard this, stopped looking at Yi Renfei, see Yi Renfei's look, the bottom of my heart can not help but be stupefied. Why is the old man so strange? Why do you put on a serious face when you say you want to drop out of school? Does it mean that he also wants to satirize himself? Although he did not know what was going to happen, Li Taihang, who was fearless, climbed up and looked up at Yi Renfei. Yi Renfei is funny in his heart, but he is calm. "Li Taihang,<a href="">classroom interactive whiteboard</a>, relax," he whispered. "I'm not a tiger. I can't eat you." "If only you were a tiger. It's better for all the students in the school to become tigers. In this way, I will beat one when I see one and a pair when I see two." Li Taihang murmured in the bottom of his heart, but his face did not change. Yi Renfei continued: "Li Taihang, because of your special experience, after the school's high-level discussion, after your third failure, decided to give you another chance." What a third failure,<a href="">touch screen board classroom</a>, a relationship. You knew you were gonna fail? Li Taihang did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he frowned and said in a deep voice, "What kind of opportunity?" Yi Renfei said, "I'll give you seven days to prepare. After seven days, as long as you can persist in three martial arts competitions held by the school for one month, I will allow you to stay in school." Li Taihang thought a little and felt that although the chances of this opportunity were slim, it was not impossible to try. Not all drivers, like the blond boy just now, can defeat Li Taihang, but this is only half the chance, if the three encounters are all drivers like the blond boy, it will be over. Having said that, if you have a chance, you have to seize it, and the reward is to stay in school. So Dry 。 Li Taihang's eyes were firm and his voice was clangorous: "Thank you for the love of the school. Thank you, Dean Yi Renfei.". I accepted the opportunity. Yi Renfei's eyes narrowed, and then looked at Li Taihang with sharp eyes, <a href="">65 inch touch screen</a> ,<a href="">smart board whiteboard</a>, in the face of this vision, Li Taihang did not evade, with his firm eyes on its hard impact. After a long time, Yi Renfei nodded with satisfaction and said, "As I expected, I didn't misjudge you." At this time, a teacher behind Yi Renfei said in a strange way: "Alas, the top three in this martial arts competition will all win a domestic next generation martial arts mobile suit. You should understand the status of China's first domestic mobile suit in the world, right?"? Of course, it's none of your business. It's extremely difficult for you to survive three games. Ha ha! The teacher's eyes with disdain, mercilessly swept on Li Taihang. Li Taihang is extremely uncomfortable with this vision, but did not express indignation, this is not Li Taihang weak, but Li Taihang deeply understand a truth, this is summed up in the battle with the biochemical people. This principle is "the law of the jungle". Before you have the strength, forbearance is not cowardice, nor escape. Only forbearance can last for a long time, and when the strength is strong enough, it is time to show your strength. Li Taihang looked up at the teacher and finally folded his fists with a smile and said, "Thank you for your concern. Li Taihang wrote it down. If you have a chance in the future, you will certainly repay it." Li Taihang said with a smile, but let the teacher have a kind of creepy feeling. Yi Renfei looked at Li Taihang with such a gesture, but he smiled deeply. He patted Li Taihang on the shoulder and said, "Young man, don't let me down." He took one last look at Li Taihang, turned around and waved: "Let's go." Then, the sound of "rumbling" rose again, and the teachers gradually went away. Looking at the back of the dean and teachers who left gradually disappeared in sight, Li Taihang was left alone here. Li Taihang was very excited and happy to get this unexpected opportunity. As long as there is a chance, seize it, and then work hard, even if you fail, you will not regret it. Granny a ball, although it is difficult to insist on three games, it is not impossible to complete, much better than the depressing mental test! But then again, how great would it be if I could fly a mobile suit? After all, this is a machine that has saved human beings several times. Li Taihang talked to himself and confided his heart to the air. Not being expelled, Li Taihang already felt very lucky, although he did not know how to deal with the test seven days later, but at least he had a goal. He stretched a lazy waist, from just now, although he tried to relax, but in the face of a number of teachers, as well as the dean, Li Taihang heart is still very nervous, afraid of accidentally saying the wrong thing. On the other hand, why is Yi Renfei, the dean, so friendly to him? Li Taihang thought about it, but he couldn't figure it out. He simply didn't think about it. If he thought too much, he would get depression. Had it not been for Li Taihang's open-minded and upward heart,<a href="">smartboards for business</a>, all kinds of unfairness during the two years of enrollment, as well as the exclusion and contempt of the students, Li Taihang would have collapsed long ago. Li Taihang touched his belt and thought about what to eat at noon to comfort himself. <a href=""></a>