These are the news that Liu Feng got after inquiring with people along the way. According to these people, there is no danger at all in this crystal cliff, and there can be no such magical fruit as the so-called dead fruit, otherwise it should have been discovered long ago. But what the unscrupulous pig said was so solemn that people could not help believing it. Liu Feng had some doubts in his heart, like the unscrupulous pig consulting the situation. The unscrupulous pig just disdained to hum twice: "People are ignorant and always think that what they see is true." Then he ignored Liu Feng. Since when does this idiot pig like to pretend to be mysterious? Liu Feng scolded one after another in his heart, and then moved forward in the direction of the crystal cliff. Crystal cliff and Ansyth Rift Valley is a little very similar, that is, because of the huge flow of people around the formation of a large town, according to the inquiry along the way, Liu Feng finally stumbled down the crystal cliff outside the town, the others were Liu Feng left in Cohen there, with the saying of unscrupulous pigs is, with their strength to die, It's not likely to help, so it's better not to bring it. The towns on the western continent are completely different in architectural style from those on the eastern continent. Liu Feng is walking in the streets of the towns naturally formed by the huge flow of people beside the crystal cliff. This feeling is not obvious in the principality of Brunei. After all, it is only a principality. The atmosphere of the city war and the luxury of the buildings are far inferior to those of the three empires. Dijing Cliff is located in the center of the western continent, surrounded by three empires. Although it is only a naturally formed town,<a href="">digital whiteboard price</a>, it has become one of the landmark cities in the western continent due to its geographical location and the large flow of people. Walking in such a big city, you will fully feel the cultural atmosphere of the western continent. This town does not belong to any country. It is nominally directly under the leadership of the Holy See. It has its own army. The Lord of the city is directly appointed by the Holy See. No country has the right to intervene. Such a reason also makes the city's position in the whole western continent very important. Liu Feng stepped into a tavern, intending to take a short rest and go to see where the crystal cliff, since the unscrupulous pig's words are so sure, then I'm afraid there are some unknown doorways to the crystal cliff. The layout of this tavern is quite elegant, but the price should only be about the middle grade storefront. At this time, there are not many diners in the tavern,<a href="">interactive whiteboard prices</a>, probably only about 30% of the seats. These people are chatting one by one, looking a little dispirited. Alas, I'm really unlucky. I didn't catch up with the time. After all, I didn't arrive until the time when the crystal cliff was closed. A young man said with regret. This is also a matter of no way, the school graduation examination is too difficult, delayed us too much time, this did not catch up with the time, hey, it seems that our desire to conquer the seven Jedi in France will be postponed for another year. Another young man at the same table comforted him. Conquer the Seven Jedi of Flange? This is really funny, look at two people dressed up should be magicians, but when it comes to conquest, I'm afraid it's limited to the crystal cliff, <a href="">Interactive digital signage</a> ,<a href="">touch screen digital signage</a>, but Liu Feng is not in the mood to pay attention to these, he is more concerned about the content of their conversation, closed? What's wrong? Volume 13 Chapter 530 Terrible Poison "You two, I don't know what happened to the closure of the crystal cliff just mentioned?" Liu Feng walked up to their table, hugged his fists, and asked. Two young people who looked like they had just come out of the college looked at Liu Feng curiously. One of them asked, "Are you from the East Continent?" Liu Feng nodded, his language and dress are far from the people of the western continent, it is not surprising that people can not recognize at first sight, but there is not much contempt in the eyes of these two people, just with a lot of curiosity. "That's no wonder, it seems that you people in the eastern continent are also attracted by the name of the Crystal Cliff, and want to conquer one of the seven Jedi in France, but to tell the truth, although the Crystal Cliff is the easiest to conquer in the seven Jedi, but according to those who have conquered the Crystal Cliff, the inner wall of the crystal cliff stands thousands of feet, and there is often a dark wind." Some of those dark winds even have the power of lightning and thick earth. If they are not strong enough, they will easily be blocked by these dark winds, and then fall down the cliff without any bones. The two young men seemed quite kind, reminding Liu Feng of what he did not know. Thank you for reminding me, but if I have a reason to go, I will go even if there is no life or death. So I hope you two can tell me about the closure. Liu Feng does not care about the so-called Yin Feng, since it is considered to be the best of the seven Jedi to conquer, and in fact many people have been to the bottom of the crystal cliff, then these so-called Yin Feng's harm should be limited, I am afraid as long as it reaches the level of a senior warrior will not be afraid of Yin Feng? We like people who are not afraid of danger and go forward bravely. In fact, when it comes to closure, it is not a secret thing in the western continent. Many people know that only you people in the eastern continent don't often move around in the western continent, so you don't understand it. In the second half of each year, it is impossible to enter the crystal cliff for half a year, and the first half of the year is the time to open completely. The two of us are not very clear about the principle. We only know that when it comes to the time of closure, the valley of the crystal cliff will be filled with toxins. The strong people who once had holy ranks did not believe in evil and went to break through the closed crystal cliff. But just arrived at the mouth of the Rift Valley, and before he could go deep, he fell to his death because he could not withstand the toxin, and in the first half of the year, all these toxins would disappear inexplicably. Listening to two people's explanation, Liu Feng's eyebrows wrinkled together, toxin? Closed? How could such a thing happen? "Thank you for your advice. I'll go and have a look." "Brother, it's nothing to see,<a href="">temperature screening kiosk</a>, but remember to stay away from the Rift Valley. Although the toxin will not spread, it will still be affected on the edge of the Rift Valley. The toxin is so strong that even the holy order masters can't resist it. You must be careful." See Liu Feng leave, two people hurriedly loudly remind a way. <a href=""></a>