He couldn't help chuckling, and his amber eyes were full of laughter, and his eyes were bright and full of love. Everyone loves anyone! Small and delicate things are attractive. What's more, this one is so mysterious and elegant, timid and lively, very much like an innocent cub. In Ji Min's opinion, her every move is like acting cute. It's just that Grandpa passed the magic lamp to him, not because she was cute, but to gather luck. Less than a day after getting the magic lamp, Ji Min actually felt that his luck seemed to be getting better. When I went out, I basically did what I wanted to do, and I picked up a pet, and even the long-overdue payment was suddenly sent over. The magic lamp is really divine! Beautiful and European! Worship! Ji Min thanked her and apologized again for not being able to feed her, saying: "It's so amazing that you can't be too respectful.". Well, let me see.. Yan Tang tilted his head. Do you want to give me a big head? I don't accept it. Fortunately, Ji Min is not so stupid. It was not until he had finished his meal that he sat down on the sofa to rest contentedly, as if he had not yet decided how to "respect" the lamp spirit. But he held the lamp in his hand and looked at it, trying to learn more. Grandpa said in the video that the lamp "feeds on good thoughts", but he didn't understand how it feeds on good thoughts. Yan Tang could not wait to reach out to him. The old days It's just a little far away from him, and her little short hand, whoo,<a href="">white marble mosaic</a>, can't reach it. Ji Min was a little surprised, and then his lips rippled with a smile. Grandpa said that he could only use it with the approval of the lamp spirit. He felt that the lamp spirit should be very pleasing to his eyes, so he did not ignore him. Subsequent events have further proved his idea. The little lamp spirit reached out his hand to think about what was enough, then gave up and opened his arms instead. He became a gesture of hugging and looked at him longingly. Ji Min was even more surprised, and at the same time there was a sense of joy in his heart. Watching the little man beg for a hug, his whole heart melted. Ji Min gently put his index finger in front of the little lamp spirit: "Here you are, hold it." Yan Tang: ".." His fingers are thin and slender,<a href="">Stone Honeycomb Panel</a>, his knuckles are clear, and his hands are delicate and cool, white and elegant, as if they were the standard of an artist. Yan Tang silently appreciated this "huge" finger for a moment, thought about it, or gently embraced it. Good small good clever appearance, Ji Min one side eyebrow tip slightly picks, slowly straightens the index finger. The little lamp spirit did not let go, lying on his finger, slightly away from the lamp. After lying down carefully for a moment, Yan Tang straightened up and walked to the "mainland" in front of him. Looking at the little lamp spirit who dared to walk into his palm, Ji Min gazed at it for a moment with a smile, and suddenly burst out laughing. Well, this scene reminds him of Buddha and Sun Wukong: You can't escape from my palm. If one of his college roommates were here, he would shout, <a href="">Silver Travertine Slabs</a> ,<a href="">Agate Slabs For Sale</a>, "Like it or not, just ask you like it or not!" The little lamp spirit was almost stunned by laughter. I'm sorry.. Ji Min smiled and could not restrain himself. He quickly apologized for fear of annoying the lamp spirit. Then he tried to cover up the sentence: "Not to laugh at you, oh, you are so cute..." Yan Tang expressed doubts. Ji Min kept stretching his arm for a while, a little sour, and then retracted his arm. But in the middle of it. The little lantern spirit, who was originally "sitting in the palm of the seat", was suddenly pulled by an invisible force and fell down. Then drew a strange track, and "brush" once, back to the magic lamp near the mouth. Ji Min looked confused: ".." Yan Tang's second face was confused: "..." Crying, the task object bullied her again QAQ Ji Min thought about it and realized, "So you can't leave the lamp too far, can you?" He feels a little pitiful. I can't help feeling pity. It also occurred to me that once this magical treasure was born, most of the time it meant that you fought for it, which could not be separated from conspiracy and blood. So, is such a small and delicate lamp spirit living a life of being robbed? It's hard to have a stable time. Ji Min stretched out his hand again, gently stroked her little head twice, and sighed slightly-you poor little son! Yan Tang grabbed his finger and climbed into his palm again, thinking to himself, "You little unlucky boy, would you sign the contract quickly?"! Come on, come on! She can't wait to do something big! She tried to shout at him, "Here comes the contract duck!" However, the goose is of no use. Ji Min's expression froze for a moment, as if he were listening attentively, but he didn't seem to hear what she said. Yan Tang was so angry that he rolled on his palm. I heard a clear and gentle male voice suddenly ringing: "Eh?"? You want a contract? Ji Min was a little surprised: "You seem to be talking in my mind." No, there was a sound in my head. He has a "haunted" look. But Yan Tang nodded desperately to one side. Ji Min: "Ah.." Do you really want a contract? But he doesn't think much of it. Change a person, get the hand to study for a while, I'm afraid it's a direct contract. But his character is more from the heart. No, it's a little steady. I didn't act rashly until I figured it out. Always feel this, spirit ah, God ah, ghost ah and so on, a little. I don't know. It's a mystery. His collapsed world view has not yet been completely rebuilt, only feeling that the known world has been forced to open a gap, but there is no new knowledge system to fill it. And he stood in the gap, hesitating whether to step in or back. So in his eyes, the little lamp spirit is still in the observation period. He didn't see why, and the lamp spirit himself couldn't wait for the contract. Well, "Ji Min slanted his head and sighed lightly," whatever you want to control, actually controls you. " He shook her with the index finger of his other hand and said slowly, "So don't call me master." Actually, I'm a little scared. Yan Tang blinked, some do not understand. She can bring good luck, is not everyone's favorite cutie,<a href="">Agate Stone Price</a>, what is he afraid of? Ji Min gently pursed his lips, did not speak again, and rummaged in the room with the magic lamp in his arms. <a href=""></a>