<a href="http://www.bloopower.com/portable-power/1000-watt-power-station/">China 1000 Watt Power Station</a> The home generator solar bank is a versatile and reliable device that can provide backup power for homes and outdoor activities. It is essentially a large battery pack that can charge multiple devices and keep essential appliances running for hours, even during a power outage. One of the major advantages of a portable lithium generator is that it can be charged using solar panels, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for powering your devices. This is especially important in today's world, where energy costs are on the rise, and people are looking for more sustainable ways to power their lives. Another benefit of a portable battery back up is its portability. It is designed to be compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. This means that you can take it on camping trips, road trips, or any other outdoor activity, and have a reliable source of power to keep your devices and appliances charged. Product Features 鈼?It supports super fast charging technology, it can be fully charged in just 2 hours, so you can get back to using quickly. 鈼廡he power station is equipped with an LCD display, which can display the working status of battery power, output power and input power. 鈼廡he power station uses high-efficiency XT60 solar input and can use renewable energy to charge. 鈼廇 built-in smoke lighter socket can provide power for devices that require this connection. 鈼廦ou can use solar panels, your car, or an adapter to charge, which makes it easy to keep the power station charged and ready to go. 鈼廡he power station also has a battery management system (BMS), which can manage the battery to ensure its safety and reliability. 鈼廡he power station uses a pure sine wave inverter to ensure stable and clean output power. Our camping battery power supply offers a variety of socket options - UK standard plug, European plug, Australian standard plug, and US/Japanese standard plug - so you can easily use your devices and appliances, whether you are at home or on-the-go. What problems can a solar home generator at home help you solve? 1銆丆harging Phones and Tablets: A portable home battery can charge your phone and tablet, which is one of its most basic applications. You can place them by your window or on your balcony and let the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert the energy into electricity to charge your devices. 2銆丆harge your indoor lighting: If your home's indoor lighting fixtures use rechargeable batteries, a generation of solar power can charge them, too. By using solar panels to harvest sunlight, you can recharge your interior lighting and reduce your reliance on conventional electricity. 3銆丳owering smart home devices: More and more families are using smart home devices, such as smart sockets, smart lamps, smart cameras, etc. These devices often require an uninterrupted power supply, so a power stations portable can provide them with a steady supply of power. 4銆丆harge your electronic devices: In addition to your phone and tablet, you may have other electronic devices in your home such as stereos, robot vacuums, electronic clocks, and more solar power stations can also provide power for these devices. 5銆丒mergency backup power supply: In emergencies, such as power outages, natural disasters, etc., the solar portable charger can be used as an emergency backup power supply to provide backup power for your equipment and ensure the basic electricity needs of the family. Parameter Model No.1000W Portable Power Station Capacity:835.2Wh(19.2V/43.5Ah) Battery TypeLiFePo4 InverterPure Sine Wave Rated Power1000W Peak Power1200W "Input-1 (By Adapter/Car/Solar panel)"Input Port锛欴C5521 & XT60 Port Input Voltage range: 12-28V Input Current: Max 5A Input Power: Max 150W AC Input-2 (Direct from Wall Power)220~240V/50Hz,Max 600W Output1* QC 3.0 Max 18W per port 1* Type-C PD 30W per port 1* Type-C PD 100W per port 1* DC5525 13.6V/8A 1* Car Socket 13.6V/8A AC output 300W锛?220~240V/50Hz Charging time2 hours by AC cable Working Temperature0~40鈩?/p> Working Humidity20%-90% Storage Temperature-20~45鈩?/p> CertificatesCE/FCC/ROHS/REACH/MSDS/UN38.3/PSE Accessories1.AC charging cable 2.User manual 3.Cardboard box Product Size304*178*276.6mm product weight12.5kgs Weight with color box13.5 Carton Size430x310x395 mm Qty per carton1pc Container qty: 20GP/40GP/40HP455/945/1134 PCs FAQ What equipment is supported by the portable power station? For AC devices: TV, standing fan, laptop, lights, shaver, CPAP machine, projector, yogurt maker, electric blanket, aromatherapy machine, humidifier, soda maker, etc.h. How do l store the product when it's not in use? The portable power station needs to be stored in dry environment, and the correct storage method can prolong the service life of the portable power station China 1000 Watt Power Station website:http://www.bloopower.com/portable-power/1000-watt-power-station/